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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Why Do I Need a Home Store?

 How about a fun little exercise?  Let’s look at your grocery buying habits for a moment.  Think of your last trip to the grocery store and answer the questions below (be honest!):

  1. What percentage of the items you purchased were actually on your grocery list?
  2. What percentage of the items in your cart were processed or refined (convenience foods, sugary products, “ready-to-eat” meals)?
  3. How many times a week do you go to the grocery store?
  4. If the grocery store were to shut its doors (due to disaster, strike, etc.), how long would your existing supply of food last?  What would you be eating for the next few days…..weeks…..or worse?

Then, just for kicks, think of how often you eat out at a restaurant or pick up fast food (count the soda and candy bars too).    What is the monthly cost of those items?

 Check out some of these statistics!  The typical American method of obtaining and consuming food raises these concerns:

WASTE – The average American family throws out 880 lbs. of food a year — roughly 25% of what they purchase. The USDA estimate of an average grocery budget for an American couple with two small children is Continue reading

Grandma’s Granola

102_0078My favorite granola recipe, and not just for sentimental reasons.  It just doesn’t get any more wholesome than this!  Six different whole grains, the nutrient density of wheat germ, and the staying power of proteins and healthy oils from nuts.  Ok, sounds healthy, but how does it taste?  Delicious!   Even I won’t eat stuff just because it’s good for you!  It has to be tasty too. My kids ate it for breakfast this morning!  I store mine in the freezer for freshness and serve it with Thrive blueberries and raspberries.

A little goes a long way, making it very economical.   As for the recipe, I don’t even have to pull it out of the Continue reading

Best “I Can’t Believe It’s 100% Whole Wheat” Bread

Sliced LoafWhen someone mentions elementary school, several images flash through my mind:  a staple through two fingers, red-headed Todd Applegate who only noticed the “non-shy” girls,  the monkey bar incident, my spelling bee trophy,  and my rigid fear when I was up to “bat” in kickball.  I have another memory…..of coming home to hot whole wheat loaves with pure butter melted over the top.  Sounds like a TV commercial, doesn’t it?  Advertisers conjure up that image for a reason!  It filled us up and gave us an inexplicable kind of security –no popular boys to impress here or kickball teams to let down — just warm honey-slathered comfort. 

Did my mother know?  Maybe she only baked bread for the economic benefits, but I’m betting her out-of -the-oven-after-school timing was calculated.   Wise woman!  To this day my perception of my “idyllic” childhood stems back to food.  Even the beef stew I hated was a nourishing symbol of warmth and stability…….something to be hearkened back to when the world got shaky.

Food is powerful stuff!  I listen with satisfaction when my boys walk in the door and smell something pleasant cooking.  Phrases like “Sweet!”, and “Is that chicken pot pie?  Booyah!” come out of their mouths.  If food is the magic, I’m the Continue reading

The Good of the Land

It happened on a  sunny summer afternoon somewhere around my twelfth birthday.  I had been in a dark room all morning watching Star Wars movies on a rented VCR.  I was just rewinding (for the 27th time) the part where Leia kisses Luke to make Han jealous, when I heard my mother call from the kitchen. 

“Je-nny!  I need you to go down to the garden and get me some carrots for supper.  Will you do that please?”

My stomach sank and I may have had an uncharitable thought or two as I dragged myself out the back door.  What happened next is burned hilariously into my Continue reading


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