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I’m Jenny Tanner, an enthusiastic homemaker moonlighting as an independent consultant for Thrive Life.

My Family

My Family

For over twenty years I’ve fed a large family on a shoestring budget.  I am fond of saying we were “protected by poverty” because we escaped (largely) the plague of over-processed, chemical laden food.  We had to grow our own fruits and vegetables and learn how to preserve them.  I learned to cook with whole foods because that’s what I had!  I couldn’t afford snack foods and sugar-cereals.  Instead my kids ate whole grain breads and hot whole grain cereals.  They grew up on home-canned fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden.  It was a blessing I never fully recognized.

Our financial situation has slowly improved over the years, but the habits still linger.  How thankful I am!  I get angry at what food manufacturers and advertisers have done to our society.  I’m MAD, and anxious to share the things I’ve learned to help others steer clear of the garbage that is foisted on us as food.  My goal is to have health, well-being, self reliance, and a provident prosperous life.  Join me in that endeavor!

I’m still learning this “blogging” business…..but I’m studying up as fast as I can!  Hopefully you will see improvements as time goes on as to how this site is organized.

Lastly, you should know that on this blog I will be shamelessly plugging the best long term storage food on the planet: Thrive Life products!  This company and its products represent everything I’ve been talking about.  When I was first introduced to them, it was love at first sight.  You have GOT to take a look at this stuff — supremely healthy, delicious, and  affordable — and it offers peace of mind to boot!  Click on the tab above to visit my online store and see what they have to offer.  You will be glad you did!   Now…..Let’s get started!!


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