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Shelf Reliance

Freeze dried goodness!

Thrive foods by Shelf Reliance

On this website I will be shamelessly plugging the best long term storage food on the planet: Shelf Reliance Thrive products!  This page is devoted to all things Shelf Reliance: why it’s amazing, how to get it, how to use it, how to sell it, recipes, nutrition, and much much more!

I want to focus on the “Home Store” concept.  This is a new movement dedicated to living more self-reliantly now and insulating your family against uncertainty, rising food costs, and possible hardship later.  It’s time to take charge of your family’s food security!  The good news is, it won’t require any significant lifestyle changes, won’t cost extra money (it will actually help your budget),  and will actually save you time (that’s a biggie)!

This page is also the place for the consultants on my Shelf Reliance team to come to for training and support.  There will be instruction, encouragement, and ideas for running your successful home business.  


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